Gotcha: Installing app to device
by hankie on November 4th, 2008

I felt this gotcha coming. I got to the point when I needed to test and demo my first app on an actual device rather than in XCode simulator. I followed Apple’s directions (pdf) on how to run the app, but as soon as I hit “Build and Go” I somehow knew it wasn’t going to happen. Call it professional deformation… Anyway, to install and run your app on an iPhone, you need to do following:

  • Join the iPhone Developer Program Portal
  • Create certificate request
  • Obtain and install your iPhone Development Certificate
  • Create your App ID

  • Assign your testing devices
  • Create and download provisioning profiles

Now to the gotcha. After you’ve done the above, open your app’s info.plist file as a plain text file.
Change the string value under CFBundleIdentifier element to your AppID without the generated 10-digit prefix. For example, if the AppID associated with your provisioning profile is, the CFBundleIdentifier would be com.mycompany.myApp. Hit “Build and Go” and your app should install and run on the device. The post that saved a part of my night outlines alternative solutions, but I found this one the simple enough, and it does the job.

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